The first rule of permission e-mail marketing is just that: permission. Send only to people who've asked to receive your e-mails, and then ask your readers to add your "From" address to their own address books or safe senders list. More than any other tip we can offer, sending to a permission-based list is the best way to boost response.

Straightforward, easy-to-read content isn't just reader-friendly; it's server-friendly, too. By keeping your e-mails shorter (under 40 KB is best) and your images smaller (480 x 480 pixels or less), you're much more likely to avoid long load times and ? even worse ? spam filters on the lookout for large, image-heavy e-mails.

With the advent of preview panes and images that may or may not load automatically, your subject line has become an increasingly important part of your e-mail. Not sure which intro will wow them? Try a simple experiment: divide your audience into two groups and send the same exact campaign at the same exact time but with two different subject lines. Compare the results and see what happens.

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