Improving a travel e-commerce website with an overhaul of design and functionality is generally a routine initiative that happens every few years. However, even though such projects are expected to play their part in stronger affiliation with the brand, and a stronger role in travellers’ booking funnel, it doesn’t mean work stops there. One thing is certain, not every action will garner higher than average booking values and conversion rates. That said, small tweaks and changes can help. For example, enhancements could include a new feature or taking action to address sudden spurts in visitors to a website. And daily monitoring can help ensure that both website design and functionality works the way it should. In the case of WorldHotels, the team says it has immensely improved the booking funnel by adding room and rate display prominently next to top selling points such as guest reviews and location. The team has also placed rate information earlier in the booking funnel. In addition price, location and guest reviews are next to each other in order to make all information available at first glance. “We have also optimised our booking process by implementing a new design, layout and structure as well as developed new CTA (call to action)-buttons,” says Kerstin Steinberg, global director e-marketing, WorldHotels. Get the full story at EyeForTravel