The very thing that led to Facebook's growth (a standardized and unified experience) could also prove to be a kink in its armor. Gautam Gupta from General Catalyst Partners pointed out to me that "Facebook's market share of time spent on web is driven by the utility it provides to consumers as a social network." This broad social network will continue to have its place, but people are increasingly being drawn to vertical and interest based networks to meet specific needs. A prime example can be seen in the business world where you have LinkedIn going public with over 100 million members, Quora gaining tremendous traction through its appeal to the start-up ecosystem and ResearchGate connecting 900,000 scientists in more than 192 countries. You could argue that any of these communities could be built on Facebook, but their success proves the appeal of a concentrated, interest based network. The appeal of niche networks extends beyond just business. For instance, GirlsGuideTo bills itself as the "ladies only" guide to 20-something lives on everything within the good, bad, ugly, and taboo. Get the full story at iMedia Connection