Travel Alberta's content marketing strategy is focused on providing (or seeding) information to consumers and then leading them to a destination. Content is used to first gain attention and to allow the potential visitor to marvel in the beauty of the provence or witness the excitement of the activities. Once the consumer has been seeded information and is titillated by the attractions, Travel Alberta's content marketing takes a strategic shift to turn consumers into visitors. This one-two punch of marketing tactics has proved very successful for the organization. Travel Alberta breaks content marketing up into two distinct but critical touchpoints for consumers. First, there's big branded marketing (videos, broadcast, pre-roll, etc.) to attract visitors to their numerous destinations. Then the organization tries to answer the question that faces every traveler: What do I do when I'm there? By approaching content marketing like a bullseye, the corporation takes its consumers by the hand, guiding and helping them with meaningful, rich information as they encounter different challenges as a visitor to a new destination. Get the full story at iMedia Connection