As digital marketers, we have so much technology monitoring our website that we sometimes fall into the trap of always designing better ways to say something, rather than figuring out how to simply listen more effectively.

It's certainly no secret that social networking is a hot topic. alone is generating enough buzz to sound like a chainsaw. But we know as digital marketers, this social networking trend is part of a larger movement to develop relationships with our customers. In today's over-saturated market, it's about listening to what our customers are saying, and developing relationships with them before they've purchased from us.

Take a simple example: sales leads coming from the website. Now, normally, every good marketer has a system to enable leads from the website-- to automatically update their CRM system (like and apply the campaign from which they came. And, if we're really tricky, we even have the ability to create new campaigns from our content management system before we publish the landing page. Then, we A/B test it, determine which version gets the highest CTR, and we clap our hands together in a swinging motion as if wiping them dry and say "Aren't we fabulous."

But we're missing the larger opportunity. The metrics measured from the landing page are content. The different offers are content. The data that we're not collecting from our website is - you guessed it - content. And, it can be qualitative. Our customers can, in the immortal words of Kramer, simply tell us the movie they'd like to see.

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