One of the first steps is to get your brand on platforms that are made for visuals. Brainstorm how your brand will translate on these platforms, and the ideas for how to represent your brand visually will translate into campaigns you can run on your other platforms. One of the two easiest networks for brands to get started using are Instagram and Pinterest. Instagram is a great tool to show your company culture, sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes of your brand. Connect to the hip, young, tech-savvy followers and show them employees celebrating birthdays, new product development, client or office mascot. Showcasing your company culture is essentially visual, and also makes your brand more personable. Pinterest is a great tool to connect with corollary communities and networks that are related to your brand. If your brand sells kitchen appliances, connect with foodies, fitness, health and home decor communities that are all related to your industry, but aren't direct competitors. There is a good deal of “inspiration” and “wish-list” appeal of Pinterest, so use that as a jumping off point on Facebook or your other networks where you are engaging with the community. Get the full story at Social Media Today