Koddi looked at multiple hotel sites to gather data on some of the ideal practices to improve conversion rates for bookings. Below are five best practices we found amongst landing pages with high conversion rates: 1. Minimize clicks to book – We found sites with the highest conversion rates had the lowest amounts of clicks to bookings. These sites averaged two clicks to book–one to chose the room and one to confirm the reservation. Limiting the number of clicks and pages a user has to go through to confirm a booking on your site, can help to ensure there is little reason for a user to drop out of your funnel. 2. Easy to change date and guest filters – Once the user is on your landing page, you want to make sure it is easy for them to update the date or number of guests for the booking. Some best practices we have seen are clear sections at the top or side of the landing page. This gives the user the ability to easily see other pricing options for different dates without leaving your site. Get the full story at Koddi