So, how does a business go about transforming customer feedback into high-yield leads? Make sure to touch upon the following five steps:

1. Maximize visitors' opportunities to communicate with you. : Offer feedback options on every important part of your website, including landing pages, shopping cart, search mechanisms, and registration pages. Give prospects quick-pick menus and sub-menus so they can quickly indicate the category of feedback they wish to leave. This will also speed your ability to deliver comments to the internal stakeholders who can best address individual concerns.

2. Accommodate a wide range of communication styles: Some prospects will want to write lengthy messages to you. Others will prefer selecting from a menu of icons to indicate their feelings about a particular product or service. Provide both options. Keep in mind that the idea is to let the customer initiate the discussion, so avoid pre-set questionnaires or traditional surveys that limit responses.

3. Respond promptly and helpfully: Studies show that 65 percent of visitors who leave feedback include their contact information. Use that data to connect with prospects, and they'll be impressed and likely stunned; online shoppers have become conditioned to expect little response from the e-businesses they patronize. Responding promptly need not be resource-intensive. Pre-defined auto-reply emails can address a majority of feedback items. Emails can include advice, solutions, and incentives to return and convert. However, sales, support, or marketing staff should address more difficult concerns personally. Even after a one-to-two-week period, many companies find that contact with visitors leads to conversions.

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