1. Website testimonials You've likely read that the value of website testimonials has decreased over the years. Sure, as consumers, we're guarded against any positive quote that appears on your website. Is it real? Did your mom write it? Can it be trusted? Those are real questions, but it's better to have those questions asked about positive testimonials on your website than to not have them at all—and have it assumed that no one likes you. If you can, list the full name of the person providing the testimonial, but even anonymous praise is better than no praise. 2. Your marketing materials How many movie trailers have you seen where such-and-such magazine says that a movie is "Epic!" or "Simply superb!"? Those snippets of praise employ some of the most creative uses of reviews I have ever seen. Look closely at the tiny text below the quote and you will see that sometimes those quotes are attributed to sources such as "Little Billy's Movie Reviews" or some other obscure critic. Other times, they'll take just the soundbite they need. The quote, "The movies was an absolute stinker, but the special effects were outstanding." becomes "Outstanding" in the TV trailer. Don't lie to your prospective customers, but do not be afraid to edit down a long testimonial and use the most valuable snippets in your marketing materials. 3. Your favored review sites Many business owners make the mistake of letting their customers find their own way to a review site. If you are a car dealer a review on Cars.com is more valuable than CitySearch. A hotel needs more positive reviews at TripAdvisor, than Fodors. My point is this, you should give your customers direction. Point them to the review site that will benefit your business the most. When I was heavily promoting my book I would often receive e-mails or tweets with positive praise. I would invariably respond by asking them if they could take two minutes to share that praise at Amazon.com. That's where the testimonial would help me the most, not my inbox or a fleeting tweet. Get the full story at American Express Open Forum