In essence, Expedia argues that despite property owners saving money on distribution costs from direct bookings, the lower rates they are offering on sites, their reduced exposure on Expedia sites, a diminished billboard effect and higher loyalty program costs lead to reduced revenue per available room for owners of about 8 percent. There will undoubtedly be plenty in Expedia’s numbers for hotel chains, owners, and others to pick apart, including the issue of whether the lost traffic from the billboard effect is overstated, or perhaps Expedia is downplaying the percentage (50 percent) of bookings that hotels are recapturing from the online travel agencies via marketing campaigns. In fact, speaking on background only, representatives of a couple of chains disparaged Expedia’s numbers. One said these are early days with probably only one quarter of data to measure and direct booking amounts to the cheapest distribution channel for chains as well as owners. Get the full story at Skift Read also "Expedia wants to power hotels’ direct-booking efforts" at Skift