“After years of trying to crack the mobile code, I would say that it is a fairly humbling battle that we’re fighting,” Doctorow said recently in a Seattle Mobile Mixers event tied to my The Art of Mobile Persuasion book (artofmobilepersuasion.com). “Whatever expectations we had going into 2015 are pretty irrelevant. This game keeps on changing and it makes it a ton of fun. “One of the things that we’ve really learned over the last year is that you are not always you. When we’re traveling to a business trip in Dallas or in Columbus, Ohio, there are certain things that we might be looking for in a trip. We may want to stay where our meeting is. Maybe we have a budget that we need to operate to. Time probably really matters. Serving up an experience that delivers on that moment is important. But, by contrast, if we are going with our families to Mexico for a beach vacation, there are very, very different things that we’re looking for.” “When it comes to shopping, for these two different trips, we’re probably going to go about it very differently,” he explained at the Mobile Mixers gathering. “If I’m shopping for that business trip, I want to pull out my phone and I want to get the job done. I don’t want to be spending a lot of time on booking. But if I’m shopping for a beach vacation for my family that I might take once or twice a year, I’m going to start in the morning maybe when I’m standing in line waiting for my coffee. I’m going to browse around. Then I’m going to go home that night, and I’m going to lean back on the couch with my tablet and I’m probably going to have my wife next to me and we’re going to look at the options. It may take us a little while and eventually we’ll book on the desktop. Get the full story at iMedia Connection