Actually, Mr. Kinsell said in an interview at IHG’s annual conference in Las Vegas that adding another brand is partly about giving hotel owners and developers another option when they consider whether to put their new hotels under an IHG brand. He used cereal as an analogy to illustrate the point. “If you’re on a cereal aisle, and you’re Post (Foods LLC) or Kellogg (Co.), you want to dominate as much as you can of that shelf space,” Mr. Kinsell said on Monday at IHG’s conference in Las Vegas for owners and managers of its 4,462 hotels around the world. “But you can’t have corn flakes all the way down. You need to have corn flakes, bran flakes, corn flakes with raisins, sugar-coated, Frosted Flakes, Cocoa Puffs, granola.” “Everybody eats cereal, but everyone has a different need for it,” he added. “We don’t have enough cereal brands of different types to be able to accommodate that basic need of staying away from home. That’s why having another (hotel) brand is good.” Get the full story at The Wall Street Journal Read also "IHG’s US RevPAR up 9.5%"