The dominant setting for social media is Facebook, made king by its nearly 1.25 billion members worldwide. But are brands having conversations there with fans? “Any marketers who believe they’re having a conversation [with brand's fans on Facebook] are delusional,” Forrester Research VP/analyst Nate Elliot recently told VentureBeat. Without much notice, evidence is accumulating to dispel the idea that brands’ comments and other content can organically generate conversations by engaging customers or would-be customers. Elliott said Forrester’s research has shown, “For the top 50 global brands, on average, less than one tenth of one percent [of visiting users] like, share, or comment” with the content. This “exceptionally small” engagement, Elliott said, cannot be called a conversation in any reasonable sense. Get the full story at VentureBeat Read also "Organic search drives 50% of website traffic for hospitality industry, social less than 2%"