During the Priceline Group’s second quarter earnings call August 5, Huston answered a question about how the company can balance adding vacation rentals as aggressively as it is doing without cannibalizing its core hotel business. “Yes, and in terms of the vacation rentals [being] incremental or not, our general belief is, first of all, it’s one customer,” Huston said. “And either a customer is just a consumer or they’re a business person and a consumer. And they take a number of trips every year, and every trip has a different rationale. “And if somebody is a hotel booker on three of their trips, they may be on a trip with their family and become a vacation rental booker. We want to be able to provide all of those instances and all of those scenarios through Booking.com so they become comfortable with that, rather than in the past, they feel if I need a hotel, I go to Booking, and if I need a vacation rental, I go to company X, Y or Z.” Get the full story at Skift