According to the 2016 Topdeck Travel survey, 76% percent of respondents said they would choose a travel destination based on the recommendation of friends, and 36% would choose based on social media. These trends combine what we’ve known for a long time—that a referral is the best form of advertising. This is becoming a new reality, with consumers paying strong attention to the recommendations of their social networks. Organizations can jump on board with these consumer behaviors by tailoring their offerings to allow their guests to make posting to social channels a normal part of their visits. Just think about the possibilities that can exist for a company in the travel space, particularly destinations. Considering the multitudes of traveling customers that are likely to pass through any particular resort or destination during the course of a year, the incremental effects are massive. One satisfied customer can reach hundreds of potential customers. Companies should strive to create “share-worthy” material for their transient visitors and even actively encourage them to post about their interactions with brands. What might it look like if your beachside hotel had an “Instagram perch” for perfect photo ops, or a kayaking company gave a discount based on the number of “likes” your post about them received? These are just a couple of examples of how creative uses of social can be a win-win for travelers and companies. The traveler posts (and presumably enjoys doing so), and the company gets exposure to potential customers. Get the full story at CMO by Adobe