Ex-Orbitz chief technology officer from 2000 to 2003 offered his 12-step process to “GDS independence and gaining control of your supply line”.

Alex Zoghlin, now president and CEO of G2 Switchworks, said the first step was to realise the problem.

“Admit there is no one GDS in the market that will take care of all your needs,” he said during a presentation at ResExpo 2005 in Atlanta.

“Maybe an agency is selling a $150 ticket. Combined with others they may end up with distribution costs of up to $40 or one third the cost of the ticket. That’s an untenable position,” he told the event.

GDS systems tend to thwart a company’s ability to control its costs. He said: “Decide to take control of your own future and turn your business over to your customers to meet and exceed their expectations."

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