The analyst’s “Catering to your Consumers’ Mobile Moments” session offered charts and tips on how to emulate high-quality brands’ strategies and create smart partnerships with competitors. Forrester stressed the importance of understanding what it calls the Mobile Mind Shift: consumers’ expectation that they can get what they want in their immediate context and moments of need. “Brands and marketers need to realize that customers are looking for a high quality experience, and that all interactions they have with your brand are part of it,” said Jennifer Wise, analyst at Forrester Research, Cambridge, MA. “It’s more than a shift to time spent on mobile; this perpetual connectedness has led to a shift in customers’ thinking.” Forrester’s data revealed that when interacting with a brand, 62 percent of consumers expect a mobile-friendly Web site, 42 percent expect an accompanying mobile app and 23 percent anticipate a location-specific experience. In order to deliver on these expectations, brands must create mobile marketing moments. The most imperative item to keep in mind when creating a mobile moment is to deliver a high value experience. Get the full story at Mobile Commerce Daily