During a recession, marketers are often forced to reduce budgets, in fact, it?s often one of the first buckets to get trimmed. In its latest research: Social Media Playtime is Over, Forrester Research found that 53% of marketers are determined to increase their social media budget during a recession, and 42% will keep it the same, a total of 95% of marketers bullish on social media marketing. Why? The reasons are obvious to some, it?s inexpensive and the opportunity to benefit from cost-effective word-of-mouth, are promising.

Now this doesn?t mean that budgets are expanding immensely, since this is a ?new? media, these are small budgets. How small? Three-quarters of marketers have $100,000 of less budgeted for social media marketing.

Even though the budgets are small and growing, Forrester recommends to its clients, in order to be successful, not to approach social media marketing as experimental, but to put the right roles, process, and measurement capabilities in place to be effective.

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