The desktop is no longer the center stage as consumers are demanding content anywhere, anytime on multiple devices, according to Tony Costa, senior analyst at Forrester Research, Cambridge, MA. It used to be that customers had to go to technology to use it. Today the technology comes with them and along with that comes the access, too. And they expect to access any content, any services, anywhere, anytime on the device that they have most readily available to them. According to Mr. Costa, the first factor that will fuel mobile success for marketers is around developing strong mobile and user experiences. By now marketers know that the PC world is vastly different than the mobile world, meaning that elements such as touch and navigation will play a more important role in the future. The second important factor is around creating contextually-relevant experiences. Marketers are constantly aiming to make content more relevant and targeted nowadays, and this all comes back to understanding the user and what they are doing. Get the full story at Mobile Marketer