Search drives much of the traffic for key InterActiveCorp properties like Expedia, CitySearch and Having direct connections to a search engine, even a smaller one, will give those companies insights into how consumers use search and how to best exploit other search engines. It could give InterActiveCorp companies more of a leg up, especially in the area of organic search optimization.

Distribution via RSS of e-commerce promotions. Think about it--all of InterActiveCorp's properties are highly dependent on return traffic, not just acquisitions via search. Bloglines represents an untapped opportunity for InterActiveCorp properties (and other marketers) to reach their customers through personalized feeds (for instance, I want all the upcoming concerts for the Indigo Girls in the Bay Area, and if they're in Boston during an upcoming business trip that I booked on Expedia, also let me know). And even more importantly, because the feeds are delivered online, they can develop rich profiles of those users and target ads, services and products to them (with strong regard to privacy, of course).

Ask Jeeves already has a partnership with CitySearch for local search. Look for CitySearch to beef up its offerings with more Web-crawled information a la Google, supplementing its already deep entertainment listings.

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