The current uneven economic environment and travelers’ constant thirst for value means this partnership will likely find a receptive audience. From Forrester’s North American Technographics® Travel Online Survey, Q1 2011 (US), we know that nearly half of all US online leisure travelers allow their budgets to dictate where they go on a vacation. We also know that 8% of leisure travelers have used “deal of the day” sites like Groupon in the 12 months preceding the study to research their leisure travel. So...we have two grade-A companies partnering to launch a new discount travel marketplace which, in all probablility, will be well received by travelers. Will travel sellers like hotels, airlines, and other operators welcome Groupon Getaways with open arms? Probably not -- at least not among mainstream brands. Get the full story at the Forrester Blog Read also "Groupon and Expedia partner to launch travel deals site"