1. Mobile is now business critical The mobile channel is no longer being talked about as a must-have - any brand likely to survive and thrive the next few years is grasping the opportunity and making mobile integral to their business model going forward. They are wise to do so as consumer behaviour is changing as we speak and accessing information on the go is very much a part of that. For this reason, mobile optimised sites are considered business critical and, in fact, some meta-search players won’t aggregate operators that lack this functionality. Further mobile is powering the last-minute through geo-location technology – a lucrative and growing segment. Key stats - 20% sales made via mobile in 2013 - 37% of consumers accessed the Internet for travel purposes via their smartphone. - 63% more travel suppliers saw mobile bookings increase between 2011 and 2013 - 43.8% of consumers would make a last-minute booking on a smartphone up to a week before travel in 2013 Quote Unquote “From the booking time curve…seen in desktop bookings, the mobile channel is not simply shifting those bookings. Mobile traffic is pure incremental growth in the last-minute window.” William Becker, Departing head of Innovation, Lastminute.com; founder, alltherooms.com - one of 30 industry experts interviewed for the report. Get the full story at EyeForTravel