The Four Seasons just released a new mobile app, a do-everything concierge that enables guests to check in, check out, order room service, request a car from the valet or turndown service from housekeeping, and yes, bashfully ask for personal items like toothbrushes, earplugs, and razors without having to speak to a soul. Once your reservation has been made, the app greats you by name each time you log on—a seemingly simple touch that actually belies three years of strategizing, back-end tinkering, and design choices to make the app stand out in the market. This isn’t the first hotel to go mobile—in fact, the Four Seasons is a little late to the game, as Ritz-Carlton, Starwood, and Marriott hotels (to name a few) all have their own apps already. But the Four Seasons appears to subscribe to the “if you can’t be first, you better be the best” school of thought. “I think we’re going out with the best app right now,” Marco Trecroce, chief information officer and head of IT, said during a round-table preview at corporate headquarters in Toronto in May. The Four Seasons team is certainly making a case for it. The app is beautiful, relying heavily on high-gloss images of its 94 properties across 39 countries, and unlike some hotel chains, it’s available to all users, not just those in the loyalty program. A custom version in Simplified Chinese will launch in August, followed by a version in Arabic; to date, 31,960 employees have been trained on how to cater to guests “who’d rather type than talk,” said Scott Taber, senior VP of rooms (operations). Elizabeth Pizzinato, senior VP of marketing and communications, says that code words like “Millennials” didn’t come up during the iteration of the app, though this will clearly appeal to the 18- to 35-year-olds who sleep with their smartphones. “It boils down to choice—personalizing a guest experience,” said Pizzinato. Get the full story at Conde Nast Traveler