Most hoteliers have discovered the value of listening and responding to social media reviews. Many work actively to address guest concerns on line, thereby improving their reputations and star ratings. However, only the most thought-leading organizations have discovered the true insight that can be derived from in-depth analysis of social media and review data. Following are four key ways that hoteliers can get more intelligence from their social data. 1. Measure the brand experience: No matter the brand promise – exceptional service, leading design, or great value for the money – successful hoteliers understand that consistent delivery against this mission is critical to building loyalty. When looking at social feedback, evaluate how the brand promise is aligning with guest experience. Look for correlations between loyalty indicators, such as willingness to recommend or return to the hotel, coupled with mentions of your key brand attributes. If you’re missing the mark, set measurable goals with your operators to focus on these attributes and encourage online conversation about them 2. Delegate responsibility to your staff: Social media has clear value for marketers and other executives, but the data and insights it produces are valuable to your GMs and their teams as well. As quickly and as often as possible, share this information (even in the form of a weekly alert) with heads of housekeeping, food and beverage, spa, etc. for timely “gut checks” and quick insight into whether or not the organization is delivering on its brand promise. Encourage them to use the data in pre-shift meetings as a direct tap in to the voice of the guest. Get the full story at newBrandAnalytics