Using data from 13 million users (who have opted in to always-on location trails), Foursquare can examine who walks in and out of 93 million public places across the globe. From October 2016 (the start of the decline) to March 2017, average decrease in U.S. tourism market share was 11 percent YOY. Foursquare says there is no sign of imminent recovery. These statistics represent ‘market share’ and not absolute figures. In other words, it examines the U.S. as a destination versus the rest of the world as a destination. It’s also worth noting that Foursquare was specifically looking at foot traffic associated with leisure travel and business travel, focusing more on stops made at venues (convention centers, restaurants, museums, stores, etc.) by folks who are visiting from abroad, instead of looking at hotel and airport data. There are some obvious reasons for this and other not-so-obvious reasons. Get the full story TechCrunch