Go Voyages, a leading French travel distributor and online travel provider, has signed a new three-year technology and e-commerce agreement with global travel technology provider Worldspan, L.P. Through the agreement, Go Voyages will expand its use of Worldspan technologies and services, bringing more robust airline content, and advanced fare shopping and booking functionality to travel buyers at GoVoyages.com and its more than 1,400 affiliated Web sites.

Go Voyages currently uses Worldspan's industry-leading XML Pro data exchange technology to distribute and book private fares. In the near future, Go Voyages will expand its use of the solution to achieve seamless access to published fares on airlines worldwide via the Worldspan global distribution system (GDS). Expansion will include deployment of Worldspan e-PricingĀ® technology to enhance the GoVoyages.com Web site with the travel industry's most advanced low-fare shopping solution. Worldspan will also serve as the transaction processor for flights booked and sold at the site.

"We're pleased to expand our successful relationship with Worldspan as we advance our airline distribution and booking platform," said Carlos da Silva - president of Go Voyages. "By partnering with Worldspan, the global leader in Web-based travel e-commerce, Go Voyages remains consistent in utilizing the latest in Web services technologies, ensuring our customers have the most satisfying shopping experiences when booking air travel at GoVoyages.com."

"Go Voyages is widely recognized for innovation and leadership in the online travel arena, and Worldspan will continue to support their growth with some of the most sophisticated and cost-effective solutions available to online distributors," said Jay Rein, Worldspan vice president e-Commerce. "The features of XML Pro and e-Pricing continue to grow and evolve, and will help to engender greater customer satisfaction and loyalty at GoVoyages.com."

With estimated revenues of 500 million dollars in 2006, Go Voyages is a specialist in the online sale of flights (scheduled and charter), hotel rooms, dynamic packages (flights and hotels) and rental cars. The GoVoyages.com Web site serves the business and leisure markets, offering travel products to more than 1,000 destinations.

Developed and fully supported by Worldspan, XML Pro enables travel companies to integrate their Web-based travel applications with the Worldspan GDS via the Internet, for state-of-the-art data exchange and global transaction processing services. The technology significantly enhances the travel search and booking process, making travel purchasing easy and enjoyable for online travel buyers. XML Pro supports the latest data transfer standards for fast adoption, integration and deployment of e-commerce travel services. As the premier solution among travel providers in connecting to the Worldspan GDS, XML Pro creates superior e-commerce opportunities and increases revenue sources for Worldspan customers.

Worldspan e-Pricing, in use by the majority of the world's largest travel Web sites, is built on the GDS industry's first multi-server-based pricing technology. It is capable of searching millions of fares and hundreds of thousands of itinerary options to find the lowest available fares. The e- pricing server complex has processed in excess of 5.5 billion transactions since its introduction in 2001. An average of 11.5 million e-Pricing queries are processed per day on behalf of travel buyers worldwide.