A better mobile experience translates to more value creation for the consumer and, ultimately, more mobile bookings. Given that travel research and reservations via cellular devices continue to climb in the aggregate percentages (some forecasts predict mobile bookings to reach upwards of 20% by the end of 2014), you cannot neglect this aspect of your web budget, even if your website is less than three years old. A website that is over three years old is one that is dull, unresponsive to current mobile platforms and not keeping pace with consumer expectations. Additionally, smartphone travel behavior is rapidly fragmenting. There are those who research via mobile during lunch breaks then save the credit card information for a telephone call to the reservation center or the next time they are on their laptop. Then there are those who complete everything through their cellular phones – something that is especially popular for last minute bookings, which are themselves increasing in frequency. Any way you slice it, what’s critical is that hotels take control of their mobile presence, and this can only happen with the right design. Get the full story at eHotelier