Despite working with a highly predictable target audience, however, many online marketers make the mistake of waiting too long to test, optimize, and personalize their various online initiatives in anticipation of the masses -- or simply don't do it all. As a result, they decrease what could have been their company's rightful share of the buying action and miss opportunities to increase consumer lifetime values.

If you're waiting until a week before Memorial Day, Spring Break, or Christmas to start targeting your travel deals and optimizing your site to turn researchers into bookers, you're way too late. And what about when your customers come back to print boarding passes or add a car rental? You must be ready to tailor and target their experience based on the data you already know about them.

A recent study by eConsultancy shows that nearly 53% of consumers are purchasing their vacations online, and that "the Internet is involved in almost 85% of vacation purchases." Since we know when and where most travelers are making their purchases, the obvious question is, What exactly should we be doing to prepare our sites for these mass booking extravaganzas?

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