But with search changing more rapidly today than in the past 10 years, marketers need to keep an eye on everyday tasks. It will take experimentation and tracking to take brand campaigns out of the search box. Marketers can expect continued innovation in search ad formats. Some of the ads will relate directly to search intent, while others will combine social signals from a variety of sources, such as Foursquare, according to Marc Canabou, vice president of global search business at Yahoo, who spoke at the MediaPost Search Insider Summit, Amelia Island, Florida, on Monday. What about moving from serving ads to real-time bidding for consumers? asked Chris Knoch, vice president of strategic solutions at IgnitionOne. Consumers compare prices online, but what about having the ability to send a single message to the store "that I'm about to walk out?" he asked. Joan Arensman, search advocate at Google, turned the tables a bit to explain a feature in the paid-search platform Enhanced Campaigns. He said the platform offers a feature for local search called layer proximity bidding. The tool changes the bid price based on the proximity of the consumer to the store. "For anyone within two miles of my store, I want to bid 20% higher; anyone within a mile of my store, I want to bid 40% higher; and anyone within a half of a mile I want to bid 60% higher," he said. Get the full post at MediaPost