Start-up airline ticket distribution company G2 SwitchWorks Corp. has snagged its first online client: Inc.

Web-based travel agent Priceline has added G2 to its list of global data suppliers — the invisible networks that connect travel agents to airline schedules and prices.

That makes it a supplier to a competitor of Orbitz, the online travel agency that G2 CEO Alex Zoghlin helped found in the late 1990s.

Orbitz has sued Mr. Zoghlin, alleging he violated a non-compete agreement by starting G2 two years ago. The case continues to wind its way through Cook County Circuit Court. Chicago-based G2 has previously sold its services to airlines and traditional travel agencies.

Priceline spokesman Brian Ek said G2’s software will be used on an “as needed basis” and will provide redundancy to the other systems it uses, from Worldspan Technologies Inc. and from Sabre Holdings Corp.

“G2 provides a pretty robust assortment of pricing information and some content that’s not available elsewhere,” he said.

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