Complete Pricing Plus, just launched by Galileo has been designed to further automate more complex leisure hotel bookings.

The booking system enhancement will provide agents with more detailed information on hotel rooms and rates, enabling them to offer better customer service. The new product will also save time for both hoteliers and agents by reducing the number of queries about hotel rates and room information.

Complete Pricing Plus builds further on Galileo?s existing Complete Pricing functionality and is the only GDS product on the market that enables hoteliers to return pricing options such as charges for children, cribs and extra bedding within an availability request. This not only enhances leisure booking facilities but also provides a consistent approach with the way online travel agencies price hotel stays.

The new functionality also allows hotel suppliers to present standardised room and rate responses in a structured format, identifying key features such as room view and meal plan. It provides agencies, tour operators and online retailers with the ability to interpret the information within the booking more easily, providing a total cost upfront which includes the more complex needs and occupancy requirements of leisure travellers.

According to Niels Pedersen, managing director of Supranational Hotels, ?We often get calls from agents asking whether meals are included or about the bedding configuration. Complete Pricing Plus provides all this information and makes it far easier for agents to book a hotel through a GDS. By giving agents a much more accurate picture of the costs and facilities available, Complete Pricing Plus will reduce the need for such calls, saving a great deal of time and money for both the agents and our hoteliers. It is a highly effective and innovative enhancement and we are pleased to be the launch partners for this product with Galileo.?

Complete Pricing Plus enables hotel suppliers to provide a total price, inclusive of all known taxes, surcharges and extra option pricing, within a Galileo availability display. All room rate charges are included in the Total Cost of Stay quoted, eliminating potential customer service issues. The product also makes it far easier for users to filter rates that might not be appropriate for their customer.

Joe Lim, Business Development Manager, Hotel and Car Services of Galileo Asia, comments, ?The leisure shopping enhancements in Complete Pricing Plus make it easier for an agency or consumer to select an appropriate hotel. It gives them a more accurate picture about the room they are booking and eliminates any surprises for the traveller on arrival. It is the next generation in hotel pricing and allows Galileo to be the most agile GDS with onward distribution of hotel shopping information via our Jumpstart and Web Services tools.?