One of the main findings was the discrepancy between what corporate travel agents and TMCs consider important to include in a supplier contract, and what they are actually able to secure for their clients, at least where air travel is concerned. For airlines, travel managers’ top priority is eliminating fees for cancelled or changed itineraries, with 99% saying that they seek to work that item into a contract. However, the survey showed that they succeed in doing so only 25% of time. The two other most frequently requested add-ons are name change waivers for tickets and ticket credits, and waivers for checked-bag fees. More than 90% of the buyers polled deemed them as valuable, but they are included in the final contract just 61% and 15% of the time, respectively. For hotel contracts, the most sought-after amenities are free Wi-Fi, last-room availability, and free breakfast. Here, the track record for travel managers is much better, with more than 8 out of 10 final contracts including these valued add-ons (89%, 82%, and 82%, respectively). Get the full story at the Travel Market Report