With only 12 months to go before it becomes law, GDPR could be having a big impact on businesses – in all sectors within travel – for all the wrong reasons. The new regulations are not here to help business. They have been specifically drawn up to protect consumer rights. To do so GDPR is designed to make businesses protect their client’s data, particularly their personal and financial information. The way to do that is by making commerce sit up and pay attention by imposing financial penalties that will make your eyes water. Fines that Abta and Holiday Inn can expect for their recent data breaches will look like chicken feed. For example, for non-compliance with next year’s law a business can expect a fine of €10 million or 2% of turnover – whichever is the greater. If you then go on to lose customers’ data by internal or external factors such as loss or hacking, the fine increases €20 million or 4% of revenue – whichever is the greater. Get the full story at TTG Media Related Link: GDPR