TravelClick’s research showed that the two channels that bring in the most ADR are global distribution systems and voice reservations. Voice reservations account for one out of every four bookings, Kristi White, Director Demand and Distribution Marketing, TravelClick said, so “this is a channel that shouldn’t be forgotten.” That doesn’t mean guests aren’t also checking out a hotel’s website, but some feel most comfortable finishing the transaction over the phone. So a hotel’s phone number should be easy to find on its website. GDS also has been performing well. In the United States, GDS accounted for $2.5 billion in hotel revenues in the second quarter, up from $2.3 billion at this time last year. “It’s a very robust channel and it’s continuing to grow,” she said. Despite the constant predictions that the GDS system is dying, White said the opposite is true. White encouraged hotels to calculate the average length of stay by channel. In most cases, she said, the best-performing channel will be GDS, with a global average of 2.5 nights per booking. (White noted that the patterns are different at extended-stay hotels.) Since GDS often brings a higher rate, there’s a multiplier effect that results in more revenue for the hotel. Get the full story at Hotel Interactive