For agents, there are several key issues that affect their choice of channel for booking hotels, according to Melissa Teates, ASTA’s director of research. “It comes down to product availability, ease/time, and finances. If they can’t find the products they need, if it is too hard, and there is a better financial incentive to book directly with the hotels, then they will not use a GDS to book,” Teates told Travel Market Report by email. “Also, in many cases, agents will take a hotel-sponsored online course and will get upgrades, better commissions, etc., [by] booking with the hotel. This benefit may not be available booking through a GDS.” John Hach, senior vice president, global product management at TravelClick, said that travel agents want “an interface that is time-sensitive and cost-effective.” “That is why they have preferred the kind of codes GDSs offered. When you’re on the phone with a customer, it’s easy to just hit a two-letter code to find a brand,” said Hach, whose firm provides hotels with booking, marketing and business intelligence tools. Get the full story at Travel Market Report Read also "GDSs ramp up drive to dominate hotel distribution"