Representatives of the four GDSs formed a united front at the ResExpo 2005 conference here, as they came out swinging to debunk the promises of the GDS new entrants and to defend their legacy systems.

Jim Davidson, CEO of Farelogix and former president and CEO of Amadeus North America, said he’s never seen Sabre, Galileo, Amadeus and Worldspan “lock arms this much.”

The GDS firms’ defense came during a panel discussion that followed scathing analyses of GDS technologies and business models by new technology CEOs Jeremy Wertheimer of ITA Software and Alex Zoghlin of G2 SwitchWorks.

Sue Powers, Worldspan’s chief information officer, said the buzz about ITA, G2, Farelogix and other new entrants is really about new business models and cost-shifting, “but it is hiding behind a technology veil.”

Noting that the prelaunch Orbitz was code-named T2 for “Travelocity Terminator,” she said the new entrants should be called “Inducement Terminators,” referring to the portion of supplier booking-fees that the GDSs pass along to agencies.

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