The kids are back in school. Time for reading, 'riting and 'rithmetic - and IM'ing, texting and blogging.

"Kids and teens are the first totally wired generation, and they are changing marketing, technology and communications," says Debra Aho Williamson, Senior Analyst at eMarketer and author of the Kids and Teens report. "For teens especially, the Internet is 'like electricity,' as one researcher aptly puts it, it's always there and, thanks to growing broadband penetration, it's always on."

Today, nearly three-quarters of teens 12-17 and 39% of kids 3-11 use the Internet, according to eMarketer. For kids and teens, and particularly for teens, there is increasingly less separation of online and offline.

Teens "don't make the same distinctions between online and offline; they pick the best medium for them," Abbe Don, a consumer researcher at computer maker Hewlett-Packard Co., told the Los Angeles Times in June 2005.

"Eventually, we probably won't ask teens whether they go online or not," says Ms. Williamson, "It will just be assumed, just as we assume teens listen to loud music, wear trendy clothes and eat junk food."

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