Just 15% of travel purchases in Germany were done via mobile in Q1 2016, according to a Criteo study of activity among online travel agents and travel suppliers that advertised on its network. Of the nine countries examined, Germany ranked last by that measure, ahead of only France (22%), and well below the 36% share seen in Japan, the highest-ranked country. An April 2016 study by Gesellschaft für integrierte Kommunikationsforschung (GIK) sheds some light on consumer reticence in Germany to complete travel transactions via mobile device. It found that 31% of consumers ages 14 and older surveyed in Germany had researched trips and vacation packages digitally, buy just 11% had paid for such packages online at all. Likewise, nearly 29% had researched components of travel, like flights or hotels, digitally, but just 15% had purchased them that way. The issue, then, isn't particular to mobile. It would seem that travelers in Germany prefer to buy offline in general. Get the full story at eMarketer