"As the economy picks up and business demand grows, price increases are anticipated across the region; however, the degree of these increases will vary significantly city-to-city," the report reads. Here's the breakdown of the price increases AmEx expects in North America: - Short Haul Business Class airfare: 2% to 6% - Long Haul Business Class airfare: 1% to 4% - Short Haul Economy airfare: 2% to 5% - Long Haul Economy airfare: 1% to 3% - Mid-Range hotel: 3% to 6% - Upper-Range hotel: 3.5% to 7% - Car rental base rates: 0.5% to 1% Prices in Europe are expected to stay relatively flat, with the possibility for some drops. In Latin America, some of the prices are expected to dip a bit as the economy seems to be slowing somewhat. Prices may drop in the Middle East and Africa as well thanks to capacity increases and economic uncertainty. Get the full story at Inc.com and the full report at American Express Business Travel