Facebook Refresher for Hoteliers: 1) Leverage visual media. Your hotel is beautiful – take advantage of that available beauty by snapping pictures of all of its glory. With a little skillful cropping and a memorable caption, you will be sure to grab the attention of your followers and drum up interaction. Did you know that Facebook posts paired with pictures receive on average 53% more “likes” and 104% more comments than posts without them? 2) Create Facebook buzz surrounding your events. You undoubtedly have a few (if not more) noteworthy events happening each year that you and your staff work very hard producing. You’ve already put in the work – now publicize it! If the event is open to the public, create a Facebook Event with the information, pictures, features, etc. As users RSVP, welcome them and send them any additional information they may need and post reminders as your event draws near. Take pictures before and during the event and, if possible, post something in real-time. Post the best of the best remaining images on your timeline in the following days, and wrap up your Facebook Event by thanking your attendees. 3) Share the past with your fans. Have you heard of Throw Back Thursday? #TBT is all the rage on Facebook every Thursday and you don’t want to miss it. If your property dates back to the 1930s, post a picture and description of the hotel exterior when it was just two stories tall. Was your hotel built just a few years ago? Break out those construction images or maybe one of your beloved chef’s culinary school hairdo. Your fans like seeing where you have been. Get the full story at Micros