announced today it has launched a multi-pronged $10 million national advertising campaign with television, radio and print ads. The campaign was created in-house by company founders Bob Diener and David Litman who together wrote and directed the ads.

The broadcast campaign looks to build brand name recognition by emphasizing the Company's name on both the television and radio spots. Set to the William Tell Overture the company name is repeated throughout in a creative and entertaining way while the ads also highlight's special rates in popular destinations.

"Name recognition is key to generating awareness and driving consumers to the website and call center," said Bob Diener co-founder and President of "These ads cut through the clutter and once you see and hear them our name certainly stays top of mind."

The 30- and 15-second television spots will air nationally on cable stations; the radio ads will be broadcast on am, fm and satellite radio stations; the print campaign runs in newspapers in major markets.

View an example of the commercial at YouTube