GetThere, the world’s leading travel and meetings management solution, announced the launch of its new Express Checkout, which is up to 75 percent faster. GetThere was able to develop this time-saving checkout system for its customers by consolidating multiple checkout pages into a single user-friendly page. This new single page checkout process decreases overall booking time and uses the traveler’s profile information to pre-populate many of the fields. In addition, collapsible sections on the checkout page are expanded if they require further action so users can quickly determine what sections require their attention. “In addition to finding cost-saving solutions for our customers, we also look at how we can save the traveler time,” explains Paul Wiley, vice president of product, partnerships and strategy at GetThere. “By paying attention to the little things that make our tool work better, we find that we can increase user satisfaction. And happy travelers are more likely to use the tool and stay in compliance.” Express Checkout is fast, efficient and makes GetThere easier to use than ever before: - All checkout information is consolidated on a single page and grouped in sections - Sections can be collapsed or expanded for reviewing and editing selections - Sections that contain missing information are expanded