For hotels, as with any business, getting positive coverage in the news media is a great marketing tool. Getting this coverage is not easy and takes regular on-going media relations efforts. Information abounds on how to go about doing this. However, the perception is often these tactics and strategies only work with media that cover travel, such as travel writers and travel magazines. But, if your media relations efforts start and end with travel writers you are missing countless opportunities to generate positive exposure and publicity for your property.

For the hospitality industry, it makes sense to target and seek media coverage in the travel section of newspapers and magazines of all sorts, including family magazines, women’s magazines, sports magazines, and more. This certainly should be a priority for any hospitality media campaign. With this type of diversity, hotels can reach many target audiences.

There are more ways to generate exposure for your property than just the travel pages. The key is to understand the media and look for new story ideas and then pitch the appropriate publications. To come up with new story ideas for your hotel or resort, just step back and take a look at everything you have to offer. Your property offers more than beds and packages. Consider restaurants, kids programs, spas, and recreation programs as the basis for a story other than travel. When looking at newspapers and magazines, consider how your property might be appropriate for the food section, lifestyles section, even the sports pages.

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