Why are so many business-to-business e-newsletters, all so relentlessly focused on business? Marketers view the e-newsletter as a sales vehicle designed to move the company's goods or services. Offering information in an e-newsletter format is simply a means to that end. It's a terrific approach. Many companies benefit enormously from it.

The problem is after a while, reader fatigue sets in. After all, how much business information can any working person read in a day?

What readers really want is a break, a diversion, some eye candy, even some inspiration to distract us from the task at hand.

Many business coaches successfully tap into this need by infusing their e-newsletter with personal touches. They show photographs and tell stories about their lives. Of course, they all seem to have fabulous lives, traveling to exotic places and being surrounded by other gorgeous people. The strategy is to show coaching really does work.

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