The problem is, today’s guests expect more from their hotel stays than they used to. According to a recent AgilOne survey, 70 percent of consumers expect more personalized services from brands. To deliver on this, hotels absolutely need this missing information on each guest. There are a few different things you can do to complete your guest profiles and ensure that your hotel has accurate and complete information on each guest. Online research: One way to get more complete information on each guest is to research your guests online, manually. Many hotels do this today. Provenance Hotels did this before they invested in a CRM/marketing automation solution. LinkedIn and Facebook are good places to start. Run campaigns: Provide compelling reasons for your guests to engage with your communications. After they first book with you, you can send them a welcome email with content offerings that provide them with a strong call-to-action. If your guests take action on this first email by, for example, booking with the spa or clicking through to the adventure tour bookings portion of your site, you’ve already learned more about what they like and what they’re interested in. Get the full story at Revinate