“The 60s-70s travel marketplace was so easy to work in, like pushing a flock of sheep through the door and repeating the process every year, but the Internet has completely changed the farm because the sheep are now in control,” said Damian Cook, founder & CEO at E-Tourism Frontiers, speaking at PATAcademy-HCD which takes place in Bangkok from June 17 to 20. Cook emphasised that technology and social media have given rise to user-driven business models and tilted the power balance in favour of the consumer, making information sharing and active engagement critical. With one-seventh or 1.2 billion people estimated to be on Facebook nowadays, Cook urged travel marketers to think of the world’s biggest social network as a “potential source market”, alongside other social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Vine. Despite its widespread use, Facebook, however, does not equally apply across the world. Get the full story at TTG Asia