Artificial intelligence is the latest buzzword in travel and it can be over-hyped and imprecisely used. But indeed appears to have developed one of the more advanced trip-planning and activities-recommendation apps around using artificial intelligence and other predictive technology. The company, in many ways, flies under the radar because if doesn’t have the traction and marketing clout of some of the larger brands but its app, however imperfect, makes some of its rivals’ seem relatively unsophisticated. I’m currently in Los Angeles and it’s 8:30 a.m. I’ve pre-selected “green,” “business,” and “trendsters” as my interests in the app. I open it and the app shows me nearby breakfast and brunch options based on the time. In addition to time, location, preselected interests, and past behavior, the app supposedly also fine-tunes what it presents to me based factors such as the weather and whether I’m a local or a traveler. Get the full story at Skift and Tnooz