Soon, all businesses running numerous campaigns (whether a few dozen or several thousand) will be able to take advantage of: - Bulk actions - Make bulk edits like location targeting, ad rotation etc. - Automated bidding - Soon advertisers will be able to set up automated bidding to either maximize conversions or maximize revenues. Google notes that this was "once only available in third-party tools." - Enhanced reporting - Google is also introducing some cool advanced reporting features, essentially Excel for AdWords. We'll have access to visualization tools and drag-and-drop pivot tables. Instead of moving data over into Excel for manipulation, you'll be able to create reporting with live data. This is pretty awesome. - “Your Own Lab” - Similar to AdWords Campaign Experiments (ACE), this new feature allows you to make changes in "draft mode" so you can see, based on real data, what effect changes would have on your campaigns, in order to make more data-driven decisions. Get the full story at Social Media Today