All that's needed is a free web app that is by far the most popular website analytics tool: Google Analytics. What began as a website analytics company called Urchin was quickly bought up by Google in 2005. Since then, Google has built out the service to include many useful features. And because it is such a common choice for web analytics, no matter what happens to your website, what system you use, or agency you work with, Google Analytics just works. Today, Google Analytics is one of the indispensable tools for any modern hotelier or hotel marketer. You may be asking yourself, "Why should I use Google Analytics?" Well, there are three main reasons: 1. To have a clearer idea of who's visiting your hotel’s website: When most people visit, where they are from, and how they get to your site 2. To find causes and solutions for variations: Number of clicks, real-time visitors, etc. 3. Determine which distribution channel is most valuable, and which one contribute the most to your online visibility Get the full story at SnapShot