By recording this in your analytics package, you can start to look for certain patterns and information: what sources of visitors are more likely to follow your Twitter account, what types of pages are most likely to be +1′ed? The biggest opportunity is to begin optimizing your site for follows, +1′s, etc. Imagine the power of hooking Google Website Optimizer in here: it could try placing the +1 button in different positions on the page and in different formats, to find out what gets clicked most often. [Warning, this is where it all gets a little bit geeky.] Fortunately, both Twitter Web Intents and Google +1 offer Javascript ‘callbacks’. This means that after any of the buttons are pressed, you have option to run a specific function. For our purposes (using Google Analytics) we want the callbacks to call a function that calls ‘_trackevent’, with appropriate parameters to record what kind of button was pressed (eg: +1 / Follow / Tweet) and what the action was (eg: +1′ed, un-+1′ed, tweeted, etc.) Get the full story at distilled